Made In The USA

Baggy Buddy Easy Carry Shopping Bag Handles are proudly made in the USA. Baggy Buddy is a Veteran owned and operated enterprise.

Our exclusive polymer formula and 'I' Beam construction allows each Baggy Buddy to carry up to fifty pounds of groceries.

We use minimal packaging for less waste.

US Patent #7,232,168

For even more food savings we include a few grocery coupon sites:

Each and every Baggy Buddy is 100% guaranteed for life. If your Baggy Buddy should break for any reason simply return it along with your mailing address to:

Baggy Buddy

1300 NE 3 Street Suite 29

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

 and we will replace it absolutely free..

With a pair of Baggy Buddy's you can buy and manage more groceries - saving trips to the supermarket. With a pair of Baggy Buddy's you can easily manage the bulky and less expensive 'Family Size' values - saving money.