Baggy Buddy Easy Carry Shopping Bags Handles

Simply the easiest, most convenient and efficient way to manage many bulky and cumbersome grocery shopping plastic bags.


All your shopping bags will always stay together and upright whenever you set them down. Your groceries will never spill out in your car or at your door. You can easily pick up all your bags with just one handle. You will never have to fumble to find all those plastic bag handles.

Easy to use

Simply insert the plastic bag handles into the rounded opening at the top of your Baggy Buddy and your ready to go. All the bags handles will always slip to the lowest part of your Baggy Buddy every time you pick them up to center and balance your load for a secure carrying experience.


Easily and comfortably consolidate, carry and manage up to fifty pounds of bulky, cumbersome supermarket shopping bags with one hand while keeping a free hand to open doors, carry your briefcase, guide your child or use your phone.